Company Background

H&K Business Support Inc. (formerly known as Hire & Keep Inc.) has been in the local Manpower Management Industry since 2003. Through the years, it has significantly earned the trust and respect of its partner companies its people and the industry as well. Now on its 20th year continues to grow expanding its services to address the increasing demands of businesses and organizations, and inspiring more Filipino workers to strive and excel in their local employment.

H&Kʼs aim is to develop meaningful partnerships with companies and provide them with client-specific solutions to their human resources requirements as well as operational and logistical needs. H&K equally values the partnerships it builds with each Filipino worker whose abilities, commitment, dedication and handwork are what makes things happen in an organization.


we are your partners in growth


H&K’s strength lies on our sensitivity to our clients’ needs. It is our mission to know and fully understand each client’s needs and requirements as we strive to meet and even exceed their expectations.


For manpower requirements, H&K maintains a quality pool of candidates who undergo stringent recruitment, assessment and selection procedures. Our assessment process makes use of psychometric tools designed to measure each person’s aptitude personality and other skills crucial for the job. Having conducted the initial screening, our clients can save time and resources, hence enabling them to place people more quickly.


H&K makes sure that the Filipino workers under our employment receive all the compensation and benefits they are entitled to. H&K strives to help job seekers find the right job and the best work environment for them. As a business support service provider, H&K aims to deliver customized, reliable and cost effective business solutions that sufficiently meet the needs of continually evolving businesses.

H&K commits to bring in the right people, on the right job, at the right time, at the right price.