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Manpower Services

TEMPO-STAFFING - H&K Business Support, Inc.  performs staff sourcing for business facing contingent staff requirements for special projects, relievers and / or replacements, seasonal peak workloads in marketing and administration, customer service, sales, telemarketing, production, and general maintenance services among others. H&K, Inc.  takes care of the recruitment, assessment, selection, hiring, payroll and other financial details including payment of statutory contributions and benefits.



Events Management Services

H&K, Inc. vows to deliver highest quality service in assisting our clients handle events from conceptualization to completion. H&K, Inc. offers event management services for


  •      Seminars and Training Programs
  •      Product Launches
  •      Conferences and Conventions
  •      Special Meetings
  •      Trade shows and Exhibits
  •      Sport Events and Tournaments
  •      Team Building